Bucharest, Romania

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How can you describe her clothing style?

What is her favorite drink?

What is the scenario of a pleasant and relaxing evening for your girlfriend?

If your girlfriend had been a cake it certainly would have been...

What about her ideal vacation?

What do you think is her preference in terms of ideal dating?

What kind of music she likes the most?

{:en}Her Engagement Ring style?{:}{:ro}Ce stil de inelul de logodna i se potriveste iubitei tale?{:}

Classic & Elegant

Classy all the way! We recommend you choose for her a traditional ring, refined, elegant and with a timeless beauty. More than likely, she'll want something with a beautiful diamond in it that compliments her classic style. Don't forget a little bit of bling - a bigger diamond or a stone with a very high color or clarity grade could be exactly the right way to go.
Vintage & Romantic

What could be more ROMANTIC than a vintage engagement ring? It is unique and timeless, just like the way she wants your love story to be. A vintage engagement ring is a love statement, a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, a symbol of past romantic eras, everlasting love and undying promises. If your loved one is romantic to the bone, this special ring is a perfect choice she will treasure forever.
Sophisticated & Luxury

When thinking of sophisticated and luxury engagement rings, the emphasis is on the great attention paid to every detail, precision and a balance between sophisticated design and eternal beauty. Elegance and accuracy create a truly valuable work of art.
Does she have an impeccable aesthetic sense and values details and quality?
In this case, what other ring could better highlight this fascinating woman?
Modern & Unconventional

Seems that she is like nothing you have met before! We recommend to choose a ring that match her personal style, a ring that is completely unique and different, just like her. Being so special, we are absolutely confident that she dreams of a ring that does not look like anyone else's. Your woman deserves something she has never seen before: whether it is a rare gemstone or a raw diamond ring, anything that makes her feel unique!
Simple & Discreet

For your sweet and relaxed lady of yours, we recommend a ring that is pure, simple and easy to wear. She wants a ring not too over-the-top, but that she will fall in love with because of its delicate appearance and fine details. Maybe it's a simple solitaire, or a classic halo ring. A small, delicate marquise diamond or a classic three-stone ring could be just what she's been looking for.

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