Bucharest, Romania

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Are you ready to pop the question?

Have you bought the ring already?

Do you know what kind of ring she desires?

How long have you been together?

Do you talk about marriage and having babies?

Do you live together under the same roof?

Ready to propose?

Yes! You are ready! What are you waiting for?

It seems like you have found your soulmate. She is your partner, you share the same goals, values and interests. And you are ready to take the plunge with that amazing lady of yours! Planning to ask her hand in marriage? If you are in search of the most romantic place in the world, the best scenario or a fabulous venue to pop the question, we are here to help you! Discretion guaranteed!
Not quite yet!

Not yet, but close enough. A marriage it not an easy thing to do, despite what you might think about it, and you need time to figure things out. Moreover, when you want to do it once and for always. You can't hurry things just for the fun of it! It's a great responsibility. You still have to arrange your life first, from all stand points, in order to be ready to get married and to propose to the one you love.
No way, Jose!

Absolutely no! It seems that you are not the marrying type. Maybe you are still very young to do that, still haven't found the right woman for you or you aren't able to commit. Either way, you have to solve your own life first, before even considering to propose.

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