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Bucharest, Romania

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Welcome to Our Proposals Lab

The place where the most beautiful, charming and unforgettable marriage proposals are born!
Just come and see for yourself!

Your marriage adventure starts here! Get the YES right now! Ask us how!

We are Romanian proposal planners and together we can create authentic wedding proposals. Therefore, we provide expert advise for any aspect of your event planning: dealing with the never ending bureaucratic paperwork, sourcing local trustworthy suppliers and also giving you creative ideas… with a twist!
Getting the YES is not complicated, but it could be a hassle and a lot of pressure. Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your wedding proposal idea or, in case you don’t have one, we will give you initial suggestions and solutions which will reflect your style as well as your budget.

Love is the way!

Without doubt, your love story is unique. Love is the most inspiring feeling of all and we believe that every new step in a relationship deserves to be celebrated in a special and unique way. If you agree with that, then you came to the right place!

Your love journey starts now!

Considering taking the next step in your relationship? Perfect! In this case, your marriage proposal needs to be as special as your significant other and to meet any expectation. Do you need a plan? Here’s where we step in.

All inclusive Services

Are you thinking about a rather simple or very complex marriage proposal? Name it and we will make it happen. The sky is the limit! Our all inclusive services meet even the most high-level expectations. Put our limits and imagination to the test.

Happy Clients

We don’t create marriage proposals, we create experiences. What matters most to us is that your experience with “How2propose” is relaxing and also fun to plan. You will be guided every step of the way in creating the best marriage proposal your loved one dreams about. Your happiness and fulfillment is what matters most to us.

Total discretion

You want your marriage proposal to be a complete surprise, don’t you? Then we recommend you not to share the fact that you are working with a company that helps you through planning. It would be nice for your girlfriend to know that it was your idea to plan it from A to Z, without any help.